We use the Early Finish Vaccine regime for puppies where the last injection is given at 12 weeks of age, then boosted at 15 months of age. We have done this regime using the appropriate brand of vaccine since 1993 in Oak Flats and found this regime very protective and effective, allowing early socialisation of pups. 

All pups get a full clinical examination and advice on nutrition, worming and parasite risks for our area. 

Please do not give any worm tablets for a few days before the visit and don't wash the puppy either so we can fully examine it. Feed a light meal, or none, before the visit so the pup gets to enjoy our treats and relax about being at the vets. 

Many times, we also have a free puppy starter pack to accompany the first vaccination visit.

Cats are given in most cases a course of two vaccines some 2-4 weeks apart with the last vaccine at/after 12 weeks of age. Depending on risk factors, a 16 week vaccine can be given. The kitten vaccines are then boosted at 15 months of age.

Rabbits; 2016 presents new viral strains and changes of vaccination protocol so check with the clinic when your rabbit is due its first vaccines to find out what the protocol is at that given moment in time. 

Adult dogs and cats visit annually for their health check and vaccination update. One year is approx 5- 7 years in a pet's life. A lot can change in that time span, hence the advice to have a health check yearly to detect any simmering health issues; before conditions become established that cause chronic pain or ill-health to your beloved pet.